All Bra Recycling Ambassadors & Drop Off Locations

  1. Ambassadors and Drop Off Locations will provide their own boxes to collect bras. We encourage you to use your creativity and decorate a box. The Bra Recyclers will provide you with a box label with The Bra Recyclers logo.
  2. Use of The Bra Recyclers logo or other branded materials, can only be used to promote bra recycling or related events. Approval will be needed for use of any other purpose. Email for approvals.
  3. Promotional materials will be made available to all Ambassadors via a secure portal. Access will be granted upon approval of the Bra Recycling application. Modification/changes to any promotional or marketing materials should be approved. For approval send all changes to
  4. A copy of press releases should be sent to The Bra Recyclers for review and approval to ensure accurate information has been included.
  5. The Bra Recyclers will not be responsible or liable for any thefts or damages prior to or during an event sponsored by the Bra Recycling Ambassador or in the collection or storage of bras collected from the public.
  6. Ambassadors will be responsible for covering reasonable shipping cost of bras to The Bra Recyclers. Recycled bras can be shipped to: 3317 S. Higley, Rd, Ste 114-441, Gilbert, AZ 85297. If a person or organization drops off a large volume of bras, you have the right to refuse the bras and ask them to contact The Bra Recyclers to arrange for shipping. Please note bras do not need to be sorted when sending them to The Bra Recyclers. We would request that you fill out the online Bra Recycling form so we can track your package.
  7. For bras that will not be shipped to The Bra Recyclers, LLC, but donated to local charities, Bra Recycling Ambassadors must agree to only donate bras that are gently used or new and have no tears, heavy deodorant stains or smell of heavy perfume).
  8. Ambassadors are willing to print and provide a bra recycling form to all recyclers who request a tax deduction receipt from the H.E.M.P. Legacy Foundation. Recyclers should also be informed that if they would like to receive a tax deduction receipt, the bras would need to be mailed to The Bra Recyclers to confirm receipt of the donation. An email will be sent to the recycler from H.E.M.P. Legacy Foundation. The Bra Recycling form can be submitted online or included in the box.

Drop Off Locations

  1. Drop off locations agree to have their business name, address, phone, website and hours of operation listed on The Bra Recyclers website. If there are any changes to this information, you will contact The Bra Recyclers immediately by sending an email to
  2. All Drop Off Locations must be open to the public and maintain hours of operation where the public can drop off recycled items.
  3. The Bra Recyclers will not be responsible or liable for any damages prior to or during an event sponsored by The Bra Recycling Ambassador. If event insurance is needed you will be responsible for obtaining the necessary insurance.
  4. Bra Recycling Ambassadors that are businesses or organizations will agree to allow The Bra Recyclers, LLC the right to use, reproduce, copy, and rebroadcast information about the Bra Recycling Ambassador’s business or organization to promote bra recycling or related events.

If you'd like to be an individual Ambassador and not a Drop Off Location, click here.


If you'd like to be an Ambassador and also be a Drop Off Location (must have physical location that is not a residence), click here.


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