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Plus Size..What Does That Really Mean?

Plus Size QuestionHave you ever wondered, what does Plus Size really mean. Often times we think of Plus Size as something negative. It's something that we don’t want to admit to or if we do, we think we will be categorized in the ‘chubby girl’ category. As I pondered on the concept of Plus size, I thought about what the word Plus means in our lives and how we use it. Here is some food for thought:


  • Remember in school when Plus was something that you strived for? It meant that you exceeded your goals and expectations, you were so excited to see it on an exam or paper. Or in some cases like a D+, it meant that you were teetering on brink of not having to take a class over if you could just eek out a few more points.
  • I think of my Grandmother and my Aunts who were all Plus-sized women, but growing up it was not about their dress size or bra size, it was about the unconditional love they gave me every time I saw them. It was always a Plus to be in their presence and gain whatever knowledge and wisdom I could from them.
  • In our vitamins and supplements, Plus usually means that extra something that is suppose to be better for us and make us healthier.

If we look at how dictionaries define Plus it has a very positive meaning.

  • When Googling the word Plus, as a noun, it means- an advantage.
  • defines Plus as 'having a certain quaity to an unusual degree.'
  • Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Plus as ‘having, receiving, or being in addition to what is anticipated.’

Hips and Curves 2Bottomline, for those of us who have embraced our ‘plusness,’ it means that we celebrate our hips and curves and know that we are magnificent, stupendous and yes have ‘an advantage’ of having more to love and more to give.

Step out and show off your ‘Plusness’ by first starting  ‘undie-neath’ and putting on a beautiful and comfortable bra that supports and flatters your curves

And ladies, make sure that you also clean out your drawers and recycle your gently used bras so that women and girls who are in need can also get the opportunity to have a bra that fits. Plus-size bras are always in demand in shelters and transitional programs.

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Purposeful Shopping! Make Someone Feel Special In September!

The Bra Recyclers is so excited to partner with Charming Charlie to offer motivating and inspiring gifts for you, your friends and family. We are always thinking of unique ways that we can continue to increase our support to the over 80 charities we support. With our partnership with Charming Charlie, we can continue to increase the number of bras we ship to non-profit organizations all over the United States.

Bra recycling is a purposeful act of kindness to support women and girls in need. We want to offer you the opportunity shop 'on purpose.' What does that mean, it means thinking of a friends or family who are going through a tough time or possibly received some exciting news and sending them a thoughtful gift to let them know you thinking of them. Shopping 'on purpose' also means treating yourself to something special because you deserve it!

September's Purposeful Gifts

During the month of September, there are so many opportunities to show someone special in your life that you are thinking about them. Check out our featured jewelry for September and special days to give. Remember the more you give the more you receive.

Flag NecklaceSeptember 5 is Labor Day! Wear your colors proud! A flag of stars and stars from this patriotic necklace.


Live Every Moment

 September 5 is Be Late For Something Day! This faux leather slip and pull bracelet is a friendly reminder to always be present and live every moment. And if you have to be late one day, then  so be it.

Flag Pin

 September 11, Remembrance Day! This pin can be worn in remember victims of the 9/11 attack.

Friend for Miles

September 18 is National Friendship Day! With the message "Side by side or miles apart we are best friends connected by the heart," this necklace is a sweet way to show the strength of a solid friendship.

Thankful Grateful Blessed

 September 21 is Gratitude Day!  This necklace was made to remind us that everyday day is precious and we should be thankful, grateful and blessed for all of the people in our lives.

Rio or Bust - Choosing The Right Sports Bra

Brazil Olympics copyIf you are like me, you have been glued to the television watching the 2016 Rio Olympics. I am in awe of the atheletes and all that they have accomplished to just get to the Olympics. 

The atheletes have been decked out in the newest sportswear. Sleek, colorful, form fitting and for some personalized to fit their own style. For the women athletes of the Olympics and any women who trys to works out, choosing the right sports bra is important to being comfortable. Sports bra 'guru,' Dr LaJean Lawson, provides some great tips about choosing the right sports bra based on the particular sports activity you are involved in (e.g., running, yoga, cycling, etc.)

Check out De LaJean Lawson's tips on choosing the right sports bra:

STEL Media Partners With The Bra Recyclers

STEL Media LogoSave Time Enjoy Life! That is what every small business owner wants to hear when they are trying to grow their business, maintain a 'somewhat' normal family life, and just enjoy being an entrepreneur. Tracy Alcorn-Banning, CEO of STEL Media wants to provide some relief to small business owners who know that they have to invest in creating a social media strategy but don't have the time. 

After searching for months, both locally and nationally for the the 'right' social media company, Elaine Birks-Mitchell, CEO of The Bra Recyclers, came across an old business acquaintance, Tracy Alcorn-Banning, on LinkedIn, who started a social media company called STEL Media. After catching up on old times, Tracy and I got down to business. Like most small business owner, who are concerned about where to invest their hard earned dollars, I wanted to understand how she was going to help me increase my social media presence and reach my target market. Well it didn't take long for me to be convinced that Tracy was the partner for me. 

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