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Alara of New York Sends A Message of Encouragement

"Always bring your own rainbow - no matter the weather. It's the only thing you can control - your rainbow."
Bra Recycler, Alara A, New York, New York​

The Bra Recyclers​ would like to remind everyone to clean out your drawers and recycle your bras. If it doesn't fit recycle it!

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Unplug on March 3

March 3 is National Day Of Unplugging! Take Time to Take Care Of Yourself Today! 

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Love Your Hips and Curves!

ambassador hipsandcurvesThis month we want to feature Bra Recycling Ambassador Hips and Curves. Rebecca Jennings, Founder and CEO pf Hips and Curves states, "There's a reason we used to call lingerie "foundation garments." That's partially because they're closest to our skin, but also because having them is the first step to making us feel dressed. Bras are basic support garments. Every woman should have a few that she can wear. They're also basic components of hygiene and of modesty and comfort, and we don't think anyone will argue with the fact that these are things every woman needs."

Ms Jennings shares their experience with donating bras in 2012. "We recall 2012, when we were asked to donate bras to a disaster-relief effort in Arkansas. It turns out, one thing the community needed desperately was underwear for women whose mobile homes, along with all their belongings, had been blown away in the same tornado season that devastated Joplin, MO. Bras are so often overlooked when we think of families in transition, but they shouldn't be. The right bra can, at the very least, help a woman's self-esteem, and we don't think that's a small thing."

BRAVO! We are so excited to partner with Hips and Curves as an affiliate and Bra Recycling Ambassador. We believe that every women deserves to feel beautiful no matter what their size or proportions. It is also our pleasure to include Hips and Curves in our One Undie One Less Homeless Youth Campaign (#OUOLHY). A percent of proceeds from purchases through our Undie Chest will benefit homeless youth.

Human Trafficking: Take Action! Let Your Voice Be Heard!

ACT LogoYou can make a difference in the lives of victims of Human Trafficking. It can be as simple as recycling your bras to support girls and women trying to escape the violence. Or purchasing new undies for young men and boys that are victims. But you can also take action by contacting your State Representatives to let them know you want to make a difference and you want them to make a difference through the passing of various legislations that support the victims and provide resources to stop human trafficking.


Take Action Now! If Not Now When?

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undie1Feeling good starts 'undi-neath.' Check out our Undie Chest and restock your drawers!